Metropolis Plea

By David Dobson Million electric eyes blinking into somnambulant distance frame of a nightmare where Virginia dreams of drowning, bleeding cubist under headlight moon in infinite shades of cannabis autumn as Westminster masturbates to paintings of dead men and monster stone cock of academia towers over Bloomsbury; Trivia’s gods crawl from their sewers, sick on … Continue reading Metropolis Plea

The Devil Wears Fast-Fashion: Drowning in Discount Designs

By Ali Murphy ‘Don’t you see you are killing us over here’ I’ve been thinking a lot about water recently. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about water as a feminist tool. Reading Jacqueline Rose’s astounding essay/collection Mothers and Jessie Greengrass’ phenomenal first novel Sight, the coalition of womanhood and wateriness remains remarkably pertinent in the … Continue reading The Devil Wears Fast-Fashion: Drowning in Discount Designs

The Young Caesar

An extract By Alexander Vanderlee DEEP IN THE restless shadows of Rome’s foothills, the day of the elections dawned in blood and wine over the cobbled streets. The hooded grain gangs marched in cloaked collusion with the parading politicians, curling their daggered smiles and holding the starving suburbs to ransom for a crust of bread. … Continue reading The Young Caesar

Atomic Fall

By Gesa Musiol It is autumn, and this season of fallingIs synchronised with the shedding ofYet another layer. Rustling, past their prime, the plants’ summer adornmentsCrowd the sidewalks and the streets like busy little beingsLate for something, but finally here.In lieu of gloomy rain days and their grey embrace.Blue-skies-atomic-smiles-climate-change-weather.It is October, But the planet is dizzy and … Continue reading Atomic Fall

A Midnight Visit

By Bruno Cooke This evening I am nestled on a craggy hill, among outcroppings of limestone scattered like sprouting nettles. It is quite moonlike, but not so much as before. I have been climbing through surreal landscapes, past naked trees and whitish spotted boulders, among herds of rattling sheep and goats managed by herdsmen and … Continue reading A Midnight Visit